Real vs. Fake Philipp Plein T-shirt. How to spot fake Philipp Plein

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    0:21 The main back logos
    1:50 The stones
    2:22 The inner and outer stitching
    4:31 The instructions tag and the hologram
    5:52 The other visible logos and brand names

    Counterfeit sellers are present all over the web and unfortunately dominate the search results of major search engines.

    Many people end up giving their credit card information over to such sites, without realizing to be victims of a scam.

    As a general rule, consumers must always be vigilant in searching a web site before placing an order online, as a way to safeguard and protect themselves and the brand of interest.

    Very few people are able to recognize authentic luxury; that which distinguishes unique objects, each able to tell an enchanting story of a masterly hand.

    Like the clothing, accessories and jewellery created by the Swiss fashion house, all strictly made in Italy.

    Black and white images, with a cinematographic feel, exalt the beauty of each individual object, made completely by hand.

    The setting is Lake Como, an internationally recognised symbol of pure Italian lifestyle, and the luxurious interiors of a majestic 16th-century villa on it's shores.

    The video features a man and a woman, both of whom are free spirits; elegant and sophisticated connoisseurs of luxury and beautiful things

    He is not afraid to be daring and to show his more instinctive side, metaphorically and ironically alluded to by the gorilla mask he wears for much of the video.

    The gorilla dances in beauty.

    Its flowing moves, which convey strength and dynamism
    Suisse Fashion Company PHILIPP PLEIN uses newest technology in its battle against product pirates worldwide – security label will ensure originality of the product starting with collection Fall/Winter 2009.
    International product piracy is an increasing problem, with which also the young fashion brand PHILIPP PLEIN has to fight with.

    Most notably in Eastern Europe and Russia the problem with PHILIPP PLEIN fakes reached new dimensions.

    Imitations are being marketed and offered not only in markets in which imitations are bought and sold knowingly, but also in boutiques in which fakes in high quality are fraudulently substituted by putative authorized suppliers, selling them to unaware consumers at regular prices.

    In some stores also PHILIPP PLEIN originals and PHILIPP PLEIN fakes are being mixed in the display.

    The customer is being fooled, buying a less quality article for a high price and the commercial damage as well as the damage for the image of the brand is enormous.

    In the Suisse start-up company Originize, located in Zurich, PHILIPP PLEIN found the
    perfect partner to realize the development of security labels.

    Originize has developed a holistic system that enables our consumers to conclusively identify originals: simple, clear, secure – anytime, anywhere.

    Consumers become the Sherlock Holmes of original identification and can once again place trust in our brand and the original product.

    The security label made out of flexible plastic film contains an amplitude of features to assure protection against forgery, hologram features, color rotation - depending on temperature, high security colors and other settings, to also track the product and give the customers the opportunity to check the originality of the product.

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